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Originally Posted by littlejohn View Post
Is that a Shitzu? I'm used to seeing them with fur over the face - But yes, one of these small, friendly guys that actually enjoys sitting in your lap. Funny about Chato, he is NOT good with large dogs. He's "threat" oriented, and a large dog rings bells in his brain - "Potential Wolf, let me get rid of it." Whereas those little annoying rug rats can do whatever they want including trying to bite him, and he just thinks it's funny. He has one Chiuohua buddy who leaps up and grabs him by the throat and he rolls over... Dave
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yep its a shitzu.....we keep the hair shorter for two reasons...

One, he's outside a lot, riding with horses etc. and its too hot with the long hair plus its hard to keep clean as he is a house dog...(and bed warmer).

Two, the long face hair irritates the eyes and they run...

But i also think it looks better, and so do the chicks.

I read somewhere that dogs usually profile their owners??? Perhaps you got a mismatch???
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