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The danish santa is similar to the american. That was what I meant! Not the dutch!
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I was lucky enough to travel to Switzerland recently. I noticed there that Santas do not use the chimney but they climb the windows. That explains the slender looking Santa in the picture. He must work out.


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Great thread! Really interesting stuff here.

I don't have kids, but it sure sounds like I'd perfer Sinterklaas to hold on. Sounds like a lot of fun.

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Frank, you forgot some essential details about Sinter Klaas ;-)
Traditional indeed kids put 3 weeks ahead of 5 dec. every night their shoe in front of the heater/stove an sing. Some kids have a agreement with thier parents when they may place their shoe out and sing.

But best of all is the supprise packaging and rhymes that should be with the gift. Don't mistake Klaas for Claus. While Claus is all about giving and getting, Klaas is also a creative dude with a nice touch of criticism. If you behaved bad in a year, the story goes you will be put in a bag by Piet and taken with them to Spain to be grainded to drop (liquorice). More grown up kids/adults who participate in Sinter Klaas kadootjes are free to write gift poetry with hints to somebodys bad behaving.

Because Sint knows you like to spend
on glass batteries and cases
He tought to give you a hand
so you can shop in many places.

To disguise the gift or tease the person who receives more the gift can be wrapped in mud and newspapers upto real elaborate art pieces.

The example poem $5 photo store rebate coupon could end up looking llike a serious movie cam..
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Wonderful... Thank you for the pictures and information from our original homelands..
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Sorry Mathilde, I was going to so much I forgot .

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