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Originally Posted by Mark1616 View Post
I like that crop better for the first and the play with the father behind the groom is nice, watch the foot though to possibly crop part way up the leg in a position that doesn't make him look like an amputee.

With eyes closed I only go for them if it is a huge laugh so there is expression in the rest of the face to tell the story or when they are praying, apart from that try to avoid it.

I always beat myself up at the end of any shoot and then in review to pick up on all the details and changes for next time. I can't fix everything straight away but try to train my eye and my posing, lighting brain to make things better. The good thing for us is that the B&G don't often have the same expectations as we do, not saying we shouldn't produce good work or strive to improve but what we find fault with they just see themselves in a way not normally photographed.
Thanks Mark you are great help, I watched that Masters Of Wedding Photography with Jerry Ghionis, Yervont, Joe Buissink, those guys are something else, to bad David Ziser wasn't in there as I think he is a top guy also, I just ordered his bookCaptured By The Light
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