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I certainly wouldn't expect the 'no' people to be shouting, singing and laughing; so I don't think the picture is biased in that way. To be fair, maybe photos should have shown more of the number of protestors instead of a select few.

No matter what a photographer's intent, it's still the editor and page layout that determines what pic goes on the page and into print. To the editor, possibly those two pics were the best ones he/she had to choose from. My next thought after looking at the pictures is to read the article and see if it's a fair assessment of the meeting, not just go by pictures. And yes there's bias in newsprint, but not necessarily here unless the article paints a biased picture.
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The two pictures remind me of the attitudes of the two sides in the movie Footloose. Here the nay sayers are sour faced or asleep. While, those in favor of the agenda are all smiles and sunshine. Good balance and Im sure there was some careful thought to be able to get two pics which are so opposite to each other.
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I don't think unbiased news reporting exists anymore. During the 2008 presidential campaign, our local newspaper, the Pensacola News Journal came out on the front page endorsing Obama for president. The panhandle of Florida is predominantly conservative, so this went over as would be expected. No matter, it's all about agenda..
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I am a newspaper reporter who also shoots the event photographs. You cannot judge the photos without reading the story. The "No" crowd may have been a somber group, while the "Yes" crowd may have been smiling and happy, exactly as pictured. If the reporter did his/her job, then the pictures should be an accurate representation of the people involved. I try and shoot pictures that are indicative of the event and accurately portray the story.
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