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Never been there but I can see why to many buildings just to work there... soon they be renting office work where they can live as well with a commune kitchen and bath LOL Though I may be a little Green Acre gal I still do like to visit the city... and I wish for more green acres...
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Thank you all, for the compliments.

Frank, I can only think of one reply to your "I love New York": "Amen to that."

SharpShotGal, I think most offices in NYC have pantries with microwave, fridge, etc. The large institutions even have fitness centers. Which makes economical sense because a lot of my co-workers go out at lunch break to the gym. So I guess we're getting there. We just need that bath.

Hanalwala, erasing people is really very simple. But there are two requirements:

1) Dynamic Photo HDR (DPHDR)
2) A camera that supports slow shutter speeds (any DSLR on the “M”anual, but probably not p&s cameras)

In the following example, I’ve taken 6 pictures of a street corner at my camera’s maximum (or minimum, technically-speaking) aperture setting of F/22. This way, I can dial down my camera’s shutter speeds to the slowest values. The brightest photo was taken at 20 seconds and the darkest photo at 0.6 second.

In this series, I see the man with (presumably) his daughter waiting to cross the street. I would like to keep the man and his daughter in the first shot and erase everybody else -- the maintenance worker in red to their left and the other pedestrians to their right -- along with all the other people in the other 5 shots.

When I load them into DPHDR and click “Guess EV”,

DPHDR assigns EV “0” to one of the middle shots, in this case, shot #3 (DSC00455.jpg).

However, I want shot #1 (DSC00453.jpg) with the man and his daughter to be EV “0”. This is because DPHDR’s anti-ghosting tool retains objects (which you specify later by painting them) in the shot designated as EV “0”. Objects found in other non-EV “0” shots will be lost in DPHDR’s masking algorithm.

So, knowing that the shot I want (shot #1 or DSC00453.jpg) has been assigned EV “+2.28”, I simply subtract 2.28 from all the EV values of all 6 shots. This way, the shot I want becomes EV “0”. I type in the new EV value for each shot in the “EV” field.

Next, I “paint” the subject(s) I want to keep, in this case, the man and his daughter. I click on “Paint”...

...and start painting on the man and his daughter.

On the right of the DPHDR window is a list under “Manual Align” with the entries “DSC00453 + DSC00455”, “DSC00453 + DSC00456”, etc. I click on each one of them and click “Yes” when prompted to copy the anti-ghosting mask.

That’s it. I click “OK”, wait a few seconds for DPHDR to process my anti-ghosting mask, then click “Process & Edit”.

The image is complete.

You can download a trial version of Dynamic Photo HDR at http://www.mediachance.com/hdri/index.html. The trial version works forever (no time limit) and is the same paid version except for the watermark added at the bottom of the finished image.

I hope this helps.

EDIT: I forgot to give credit to Walter S for pointing out DPHDR's handling of the EV "0" middle exposure.

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All great shots but I really really love #8, #9 and #10.

Best regards/Daniel
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Thank you very much bro I will try it out now.....
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Thanks, Daniel. You're welcome, hanalwala -- it was a pleasure.

#11) Waiting for the opportune moment.

#12) Waiting for 5 p.m. (during lunch break).

#13) Putting the world on wait.

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