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Looks more like a dogfish.

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Wow that is a very clear image of a man's face. You'd probably never get another shot like that in your own lifetime so I'd say that's a shot to treasure.
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Snoop dog hahahahahahahaha
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Cheers Ordo, Steve, Hards.
Thanks Steve for ringing the beetle, I must be hopeless I still cant see it even with the ring around it. I'm off to the opticians.
Hey Guy's I just looked up Snoop Dog, I thought it was a scoobie dooo charichter but it really does look like the face in the mask.

Cant see the dogfish brian,
Hi Kevin, yea reckon your right, a real 1 off fluke.
Hi Steve, snoop dog it is then.
Thanks Guys.

or ev waaaaa.

Lumix Fx-01


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