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LOL, No, not the CIA. (Did you actually LOOK at that picture! ;-)

I made a phone call to the film development company in MO where I had many early pictures developed (Fo-Jo in Desoto, MO). It has been in business since the early 1900's. Although I couldn't get an exact answer, the thinking seems to be that the old printing machines they used had a date setting that had to be rolled over (obviously manually) and someone probably just forgot to roll it over from March to April. That makes sense to me and is probably the closest I'm going to get to solving the mystery.
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This isnt rocket science. The date in those days was set manually. The pics taken April 20 and probably didnt get to the developers until the first part of May. The guy who set the date used MAR instead of MAY. Just human error.
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Ha that explains it then we all are of some secret society now huh... CIA FBI what ever... we all have colourful - deep dark pasts and more in today's world but just how many have to pay for the phone bill that hooks up to the office underground? and hey some one forgot to hang up the phone.... I keep hearing them talking
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