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Both are good, but I like the first one.
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Now is where you might put the mole comment Norm
I like them both--but both also have aspects I'd like to try modifying. Since the emphasis is being placed on tonality, texture and line of the skin, I would like to see versions a) on a seamless background mat for the first one (i.e., w/o the white wrinkly towel or sheet or whatever), and b) without the necklace in the second one. While it's true that the necklace creates an initial triangle, that purpose might already be served by the suprasternal notch at the base of the throat. Somehow, the man-made artifact gets in the way (for me) of the beautiful tone and form. If it were an ad for a jewelry company, the nudity would obviously be distracting, but in the same way, when emphasizing the beauty of the body, the "hard" edge of the necklace is superfluous.

--needless to say, all this IMHO!!

(And I might feel otherwise if I actually saw the other versions. . .)
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I like this one, the lighting is nice. It really shows the beauty of the female form.
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