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Originally Posted by conor View Post
I unno, I thought we were editing Walter's photo!
Conor, unless I'm mistaken you shouldn't edit someone else's post without their permission. Maybe I'm wrong.
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Originally Posted by Walter C View Post
In case you're interested my intent in posting the photo was to see how many members would be curious to see "girls in bikinis". 600 so far which is a pretty high number for Steve's.

Don't appreciate your comment(s) Bynx...and not the first time.
Well Walter I dont really appreciate the picture. Are you making fun of her? And the numbers mean nothing since anyone can look at the pics here. I think only members can comment though, which as you well know, dont usually bother.

As for your comment to Connor, well I think your posting that image was in poor taste. His comical take on it was actually an improvement. Whats next on your list? Perhaps a legless veteran from Afghanistan or a child with autism?

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Due to the nature of your initial post, I made the assumption that this thread was intended as a joke (you could have accomplished the same experiment without attaching anything)....

Sorry for editing your photo, Walter.
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You have a devilish streak Walter... 759 views and counting...lol..
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Originally Posted by Bynx View Post
I dont think so Conor, speaking for myself. But I would if there was such a thing as dieting software. You know like a plugin for Photoshop that quickly eliminates blubber.

My last word on this is.....Walter, you are one sick dude.

Yes, someone needs to make dieting software, or pills to make you un-see!
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