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Frank Doorhof May 5, 2004 4:19 PM

Icey cold but good fun.


Joshua B May 5, 2004 5:32 PM

I've gotta say no to this one.

Frank Doorhof May 5, 2004 5:45 PM

What's wrong with it ?

berto May 6, 2004 5:07 AM

ummm, where's the water?

ferny May 6, 2004 5:43 AM

Frank Doorhof wrote:

What's wrong with it ?
I'm not a huge fan of these either (you're others are great). It may be the shadow on her face in the first, it looks slightly staged and false, she doesn't look to happy (especially in the last one) and I have to say, it looks a little "readers wives" to me.

Please don't think I'm having a pop at you, I'm not. Just trying to explain why I don't feel they've worked. :)

Frank Doorhof May 6, 2004 5:58 AM

Don't worry I like to be critiqued that's the only way to grow, that's why I asked WHAT ? :D.

I do like the session for the fun we had, it was however FREEZING cold and we had to work fast.
This model and I were together for the first time, and than something like this was maybe a bad idea, but we did it, maybe in the summer we will do it over.

Were's the water :D.
Were's the snow you mean.....

We wanted to have a contrast with the summer wear and the wintersport stuff, snowboard, scarf, head etc.


LCohen May 6, 2004 6:03 AM

My guess is that it seem to be quite cold. Its cloudy, that gives a quite cold tone. If you had gold reflectors or flashes you could have warmed it up a bit. But blue skies are sometimes necessary.

And it seems like you have you soft focus filter here too, but that doesnt fit thecoldness. I think. Its hard to say.

I think we all are a little bit more picky now after the wonderful pictures in your other threads, have that in mind when you read this :). Yourpictures are wonderful, but we all get spoiled sometimes ;)

Barry May 9, 2004 6:56 PM

Get her to eat and put on some weight before you work with her again. She looks emaciated. Sorry, but she does.

discodudette May 9, 2004 8:25 PM

Hmm... not my fave. Im a girl and I know whats a healthy thin and whats not.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Hers does not look healthy, so its hard to enjoy the pictures when you are worried about if she is having eating problems. I don't really like her swimsuit either.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I do like the idea, although! It's very creative and out-of-the-box!

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Good job!

Frank Doorhof May 10, 2004 2:28 AM

I know I knew she wat thin, and tried to hide that a bit, maybe a bikini was not the right idea for her.

We never met before the shoot by the way.


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