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Thanks for all the questions. I those will hopefully be many of the questions I will be asking myself when I am taking the photos. THANKS.
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Just to add my 2p to the discussion; what the guys have said already is great advice I am humbled in the presence of Frank & Kalypso. I also agree with Ferny, take as many photographs as possible - the more you take the more you can discard therefore the more really good ones you will be left with. Go for variety, head & shoulder shots, full shots, head shots, posed, action etc. Also try to get her to lie on the ground facing you with her head in her hands, then you get down on the ground as well & take some from eye level. Having her head in her hands adds some natural composition lines & also instant face lift, then drop one hand onto bicep of other arm.

Move your feet, take the camera off the tripod & walk around the subject to get different angles.

To get a nice smile "cheese" never really makes it. I find with women "boyfriend" always gets a nice smile (men get to say "girlfriend") with kids "barney" works well. Of course all of these only work well the first few times - then it stops being amusing. Get your subject to come up with a different word every time, helps make the session more relaxed.

If you are outside avoid really bright sunshine that will make the model squint. Keep an eye on the background, not too busy or it will distract from the subject. If your model has long hair, get her to turn away from you & do a quick turn towards you as you take the picture, try to get hair in motion shot like a shampoo advert always fun & can break up the monotony of the shoot. Use natural props - flowers etc, lean against trees, lean on branches. Ask her to take some favourite clothes, let her change occasionally. Also allow her to brush her hair & touch up her make up throughout the session - will add to her confidence as well as to the photo.

Keep going as long as light will let you, or you run out of memory, or you get the feeling that she has had enough, if you are being paid for this do a good job of at least giving her lots of your time. Keep positive, tell her she looks beautiful & gorgeous & let her know when you take a good photograph. Have fun you are being paid to do something you like doing.
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