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Frank Doorhof wrote:
You would only hear about the fingers missing on top, the ring she is wearing, the fact that here pinky is not really straight, and the crop of her bottoms.
you know i didn't even notice things like that, i basically look at the whole picture...i'm not one to take out certain things and rubbish it....if the whole pictures catches my eye and i like it i'll comment, if it sucks then i'll try to comment but since i'm still a newbie on this whole digital thing i tend to read other's 'technical" comments first, prolly before i say something completely wrong and everyone gets to thinkiing " this guy has totally no clue on what he is on about", cause i don't have a clue....hmmmm yet , but i find this place very imformative on a whole range of topics and from my point of view, WE ARE ALL GOOD PHOTOGRPHERS, this is basically just a meeting place where we can show off all our pics etc, its like meeting down at the pub or bar on the weekend :bye:

ok thats my say



PS: by the way frank i'm totally not rubbishing your work or comment..i only just used your quote as a example for my own lil coment, i think your work and kalypso's work are totally incredilbe and with your pictures and comment i'm learning a lot from you guys....i appreicate that and think you both

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