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I meant more what difference this that makes this erotic and my pictures more .
I try to stay away far from anything even remotly resembling softcore standalone hardcore (porn), I hate it.

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I'll reply to this thread because it's nearer the top of the forum. Feel free not to read this post though. :blah:

For me, and it has already been stated that this is a subjective matter, eroticism is on a keel with titillation. For me, things which are erotic switch my mind into having the thoughts of a 15 year old boy. "What's happening there?" What could be happening?" "I wonder what it all looks a feels like.". It gives you the tingles and makes your heart beat faster. It can show me a naked body, it could show me a fully clothed one. It really does matter. It's all to do with the composition and lighting just as much as it is with what the person in the photo is wearing.

For me, this isn't an erotic photo. It's a very good photo of a beautiful woman. But not erotic. There isn't anything there to make my mind wander. Apart from the second one obviously, but the thoughts I get from that aren't necessarily erotic. If I was 30 years older we'd be talking dirty old man territory.

But the thing is, everyone is different. What I find titillating or erotic can be a turn off for others. And some stuff that others enjoy does make me throw up. But it isn't my place to say that something isn't erotic and leave it there. I can say I don't find it to be erotic and explain why. But would that be polite? And could it possibly cause offence? Is so, then I'd be best not to say so.

Please note, I'm not saying anyone here is offended or trying to offend. I'm just rambling.
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Old Nov 11, 2004, 10:04 AM   #13
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Well said, Ferny, you just filled out in a lot more detail what I was aiming to say above.

For me it is often what is left to the imagination more than what is displayed that makes an image erotic. Yes, an image of afully-clothed lass can be very provocative.:G
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Old Nov 11, 2004, 11:09 AM   #14
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Hi guys, if you want to see more of me(Kadok made me a website, he's such a nice guy) just go there(Adult only please)

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Old Nov 11, 2004, 1:11 PM   #15
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Hi ManonD...good to see you here! You're a beautiful lady (maybe you'll head south after the first freeze ;-) Personally, I would love for more models to get involved in the forum.
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Old Nov 11, 2004, 2:21 PM   #16
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I like your photos, very well posed. Nice to have some models taking part here. Keep up the good work.

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Old Nov 12, 2004, 8:20 AM   #17
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personally, i liked the picture very much. Manon you are obviously a beautiful woman which i think if you posed for me would look much much more... then again i live in the other end of the world so not possible.

anyway, as for the pictures being erotic. for me it has some semblance of eroticism not truly one but has some characteristics of it being so. i can look at it and say that i like it very much though.

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Old Nov 29, 2004, 9:41 PM   #18
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One word: F.I.N.E.

The first pose should be required wallpaper for all. My compliments. The outfit is an awesome combination with you.

thanks for the web link. I couldn't figure out how to email you. keep us posted.

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Old Nov 30, 2004, 12:33 PM   #19
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ManonD -

Checked out your site. (What red-blooded male could resist after seeing you on this thread?) My favorites are the 10.jpg, and the 13.jpg is fun (biting the perl necklace...) They're all very nice. The camera loves you, and your comfort-level and confidence comes across.

I wish the full-size photos on your site were bigger. Good luck with modeling, you're a natural.

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Old Dec 1, 2004, 11:32 PM   #20
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Very nice Manon!

What is your email? Can't send you my email address without knowing yours.
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