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Johnt wrote:
I am not a photographer nor ever will be but I like taking photo's through the summer months.

Well, John...S0 you aren't a photographer. You A R E a guy that knows how to use his camera. You A R E a guy who has a great eye for composing a picture. You A R E a guy who knows how to get great color to work for him. With all that going for you, you don't really need to be a photographer! But, I for one am glad to see your your fab pics, and hope you post more. Wow... You know how to make that Panasonic work for you! Best regards,

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Listen John, I have worked with so many people calling themselves "professional photographers" and they didn't have half the talent that you displayed in your pictures. Getting a great shot is the most important thing. Having the eye for it. Learning the technical stuff is just sitting down with your manual, learning the camera and learning some basic Photo 1 stuff which you could do from a class, books, or forums like these. Ask questions, the people in these forums are so knowledgeable and most of them are true teachers. I say "true" b/c they love it when you ask questions and they are more than happy to explain things that have become second nature to them. They are a bunch of great guys (and I think there are a few more of us ladies). Plus, hang out in the FZ20 forum the guys are great, tell 'em I sent you!
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Thank you all for your encouragement and good words which by the way I didn't post for.

The trouble is I see all these great photo's that the likes of Kick and everyone else takes with the fz20 andyou people really know your way around an slr and that is where I fall down as I haven't got a clue:sad:

I must have bookmarked every site posted on these forums for learning technique and maybe one day I will get there.

For now I will point and shoot but the problem is here in Liverpool it doesn't seem to have stopped raining since November.

Veronique I actually have my own travel agents in Icmeler and Marmaris so pop in and see me sometime as the saying goes.

As soon as I see something worth shooting I will post for your critique.


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