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Frank Doorhof Nov 24, 2004 2:22 PM

Session of only 20 minutes (she came to pick something up), I will work more on this idea in the future.

Hope you like them :D.


pjohnc Nov 24, 2004 3:59 PM

Great !!! That's a pretty incredible 20 minutes work, Frank. I look forward to seeing more.

BTW Do you just happen to have these props lying around waiting to come in useful ? Are you always on the lookout for suitable items? I must admit that if I had seen that mask lying around I wouldn't have dreamed of sticking it on the front of a pretty face and taking a photo, but you do it and it works ! Well done :!:

Regards, John

Barry Nov 24, 2004 6:45 PM

What mask? I didn't see a mask. :cool:

Nov 24, 2004 8:44 PM

Ok, so she came to pick something up & you said???

KENNETHD Nov 24, 2004 9:33 PM

He said, "Oh , nice mask! Well look, since you're here...there's no need to take that mask off...why don't we just snap a few?" ("Right. Now where ARE my smoke bombs...?") Well, you've got us wondering Frank! Great imagination, and good shots to match. (Encore!) Best regards,


berto Nov 24, 2004 10:55 PM

i picture frank looking around his house for a prop and finds a mask lying arund. "hmm, this would look nice on a half naked woman. lets try this" hehe, i dunno.

however, nice photos as always. very creative.
how do you figure out which colors to use or is it all by accident?


Frank Doorhof Nov 25, 2004 12:58 PM

LOL, you guys crack me up :D.

The strange thing is the different reactions I get on this session. Some are shocked some love it, curious :D.

I had allready a while an idea with a gasmask (stolen from a fetish site I was browsing to get some ideas, don't even ask :D) and when I found two sitting in a dumpstore I just bought them.
I also bought a camouflage net that same day and thought why not put them together.....
Add some smoke and red lights (from an apparant fire) and here you go.

Veronique had to pick up a computer from our store and I told her my idea, because she lives like 2 hours from me we tried it immediatly (making an appointment takes too long :D).

I alway's very carefully look arround at ANYTHING, and ANYTHING will give me inspiration, don't ask me why.... but even the slightest thing can sometimes give me an idea.


KENNETHD Nov 25, 2004 6:27 PM

Well.....FRANK, I must say this about you and your posts. IMHO, you are a bona fide, Steve's digicam celebrity! You've earned that staus. I am a veritable newb photographer, groping my way around cautiously...trying a little of this and a little of that, in my photo sessions. Getting slowly started in the right direction. I am just getting started in portait photography. I do look at all the people posts, and there are many, many contributers that I admire. But the two I peer at the most thru my reading glasses on the end of my nose, are yours...and Kalypso's. I am delighted when I click on and find a new post from you. My thanks, compliments, and encouragement (again) to you. It's nice to see someone stimulate others with a little originality, and also nice to read the warm humor in all the remarks. All this is going to help me pass my winter much more pleasantly, here in the frozen north.I feel I'm in good company! Best regards,


veronique Nov 26, 2004 10:17 AM

Hey Uncle Frank :D

I really like the photo's you take of me! it is again another veronique haha. Next time we make a whole day of it because I have Idea's enough (damn bad English haha) The only thing that was missing on the photo was a HOT army man :-)

Greetings Veronique

chunkee Dec 6, 2004 1:04 AM

Very cool. Love the second photo. The gas mask, the smoke, very powerful images in these times.

I had a gas mask once, somebody stole it. Bastards.

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