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I really think that the B/W drawing effect that NickTrop did was cool for a c.d. No offense to Frank, he does wonderful work!
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- Thanks, Moongypsie!
- Berto, nice job with the teeth. Could you do mine? [smoker/coffee addict...] Cheaper/quicker than the dentist.
- Bjane, love it. Reminds me of an old Lou Reed (or was it Iggy Pop?) cover I had a while back (ahem...)
- Veronique, what kind of music does he sing? Rock, pop, jazz... Is there a sample posted on the web somewhere...
- Frank, hope you're okay with this. We're all just having fun. Your posts are my favorite - love the way you take these beauties and make'em even beautiful-er. (A gentleman always but also an unabashed admirer of feminine pulchritude ('specially legs); I make no apologies for how I'm wired...):lol:

Warm regards, all

Nick T
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great shots frank.....jeez can you make me look that good?
.....if you can your hired
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These are shots out of the cam with minimal work.
I have not posted them myself .

If the decision is made which one is for the CD I can do something with it.

Normally my work is in 4 stages, this is stage 2 .

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