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Before this gets any more off topic...

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"Hummx Then I have a question was there also a lot ofdiscussion going on when one of the american people put the flag on the statue of Sadam Hoessein? I don't think so that was on respect full!"

Yes, there was a lot of discussion in this country about it. The consensus was it was the wrong thing to do. Individual's actions do not speak for a whole country. We did not conquer Iraq... we liberated it as evidenced by not "taking" their most valuable natural resource "oil".


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I just want to say I am a photo hobbyist with a great deal to learn and this forum is a wealth of information! That certainly includes your expertise! I appreciate your prompt reply concerning the flag. I tend to agree that I don't like to see it used for purposes like that but your picture wasn't blantantly disrespectful (Like having it touch the ground...).

I appreciate you being concerned enough to respond and remove it. We all interpret things a little different. I have a brother-in-law that just retired after 22 years in the U.S. Army and I am as patriotic as you will find. I just appreciate you being open enough to discuss the matter. You and your work are well respected here! Don't get discouraged! Keep up the good work!

Trique Daddi
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Frank Doorhof wrote:
If the mods agree with you they can take the picture down and my account.
i really don't think the mods should remove your account! you're a very valuable member to this community!

i don't know wat the 'rules' are about the flag, so i can't comment lol

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People who are so attached to symbols such as flags really need to get over themselves... And whoever it was that used the words 'war for peace' - THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE TYPING!! Are they not two opposite words?

Sorry, just realised I'd missed out on some action and wanted to get my 2 cents in... I've previously been forbidden to talk polotics on this forum so when I saw this I had to say something 'cos everyone else was.
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See what happens when you get distracted and miss a few days on this forum???Egads....Kudos to Frank for being an honest respectful gentleman and for showing his concern for others by removing the picture, whether he felt there was an issue or not. Friends will often quickly retract any gesture, when another friend takes offense, even if there was no slight intended. This is a very complimentary action. Frank's work and contribution to this site are remarkable. The debate over etiquette concerning the flag has been enlightening. I think this topic illustrates that from time to time innocent intentions can lead us to explore areas we never intended to visit. And kudos to Kalypso for showing us a couple of good reasons to get back on track. Best regards,

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