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Well, I suppose it...is...a little large for a town. I guess because we do have a couple of well designed roads...or main arteries or ? whatever you call them, it seems small because you can zip from one end of town to the other in less than an hour. (just don't plan on it, that'll be the day they shut down half of it for repairs or something.) For a million or so Calgary's not a bad place to live. I'll scope out a few pics and post them, give you a gander at the local scenery. We have a sort of cowboy...ish image because of our annual Stampede, which goes on for 10 days per year. The locals (ya, I reckon ah'm a local) all say we have two seasons you can count on, winter and Stampede week. Best regards,


Gonna throw in a little P.S. here. Has anyone ever seriously considered REALLY doing a swap for a week or so? It would take some effort, but wow! Me on a surfboard and you up to your...ah, knees, in snow. Where do I send my keys to the Jeep? Hehheh. Just a thought...just a thought. But what a thought.

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Yes a nice thought, but we dont get holidays so to speak, just the government holidays that are forced on us (we dont get paid for them) as we are self employed and we gotta keep the business going, especially now with me spending so much on digital camera stuff:-)
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