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Old Feb 25, 2005, 4:37 AM   #11
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I agree....MUCH better.
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Yes, the simple vignette is the way to go out of the two for my money. With the more colourful frame my eyes kept being drawn back out to the edge of the picture and it was actually kind of painful to look at :-). With the vignette I'm drawn to her eyes and my attention stays on the photograph rather than the frame (which is what you want). I'm generally not a fan of vignettes, a plain simple frame would be own preference, but between two I think it's the winner.
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To be honest I liked the first bordering, it has something that fits the child so good.
The second one is a bit more like you would expect.

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Wonderful discussion. Looking at it again, I note that the colors you have chosen for the circles, do not compete or clash with the colors in the photo. In fact the light purple circles match the doll. Not unappealing at all IMHO. Now, the photo competition....now that I S another matter. Photography purists orbit in eccentric circles and asfar as giving them too much to think about perhaps limiting the focus just to the picture (which is what they will be grading) I S a wiser stratedgy. I will quote the venerable Frank Doorhof as a closing remark..."we do have the best hobby in the world". There is always something interesting presented in this forum. Best regards, good luck in the competition,

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:? In respect of the competition this so hard to choose. This competition is held each month at our local club, this month the subject is open. Some of the photographers do look at each photo in the manner a judge would, Impact always being the first thing, the picture has to jump out at you. The rest of the members will choose things that they personally like (I know this is wrong but that seems to be the way it works with our club) for this reason Im looking this month at the OOhhh AAhhh effect. Now I really have no Idea which to choose.:?
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