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RodneyBlair wrote:
aladyforty wrote:
nice photo but couldnt his thingy be more relaxed, then the eyes would not be so drawn to it:-) maybe being a female does not help here:roll:
You may not realize this, but I(the photographer) have decided what you see and the order in which you see it.
You ascertained this....H O W ?:? Just curious (sounds kind of like Kreskin...)

My point is, every photographer hopes the viewer will respond favorably. No one can predict accurately, with absolute certainty (well maybe Kreskin) how anyone will respond upon viewing a photograph. Wishful thinking won't make it so. Presenting work to an audience whose only benefit is the joy they get from looking, is a mutually shared reward. The forum is full of examples of this. Telling your audience how they will see your work, sounds a bit brutal. I note (in keeping with the spirit of the forum) that you feel free to give advice where you see it fits. Don't be insulted if or when some is offered to you...it keeps us all sharp. I like the idea that you've posted here, there are so many fine photographers and should you need it they are not shy to help out new members. Best regards,


I'm not quite sure why you have issues with me. Contrast attracts the human eyes. Leading the viewer with light isn't something I thought up on my own. You'll learn this in Photography 101.

Indeed, the genitals are to be seen by the viewer here...That was the intent. I've not made it the center of interest, though I realize that most viewers will be interested in seeing the goodies.

I welcome critiques of my work and do not have a problem with that when the goal is to help me better a technique or compositional skills. You seem to be stuck on the subject matter rather than how the shot was executed, however.


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Well, I see no more pictures being posted here...so.
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