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Only one word does justice to the young woman in Kalypso's photos.....EDIBLE.

Steve C
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Been into the wine again Steve?
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ghubbers wrote:
Anyway, if anyone is worried about their kids viewing this, best make sure they don't surf alone (there's too much XXX at theirgoogletips) and also make sure they don't have an email address or they might be enticed 47 times daily to have something enlarged!!!

:-)Im more worried about MY email box filling up with offers to enlarge my P....:-)
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I have a 16 yr old son. He's had his own computer (right beside mine, where I can keep an eye on it if I want to) nearly eversince they progressed past the 486. I have had access to all the stuff on his computer, and since our place is often frequented by his friends, I get a good idea of what they think, too. I don't think many parents really know what their kids are knowledgeable about, and I don't think they have a clue what the contents contain in the msnmesages they send to each other. Or the information about themselves they freely give out in resume type posts in forums they frequent. I believe in personal privacy, yes, but from what I have seen, a kid old enough and knowledgeable enough to access this forum has already eclipsed this post and wouldn't look on it as much more than an interesting photo of an attractive nude girl.Some of the contributions by kids that I have seen, I'm sure would make their (unknowing) parents absolutely cringe. It appears nowadays, in the task of raising kids, this issue becomes a two way street at some point. You not only have to be mindful of what your children are exposed to from adults, but ironicly it is now prudent to look the other way as well, and check out the flow generated by kids themselves. The world we grew up in has evaporated long ago, my friends. The worst threat your kid might ever face might not be stumbling across a post from Kalypso. It could more realistically surface right in his/her own school or classroom. I have been twitching about this subject since my boy's adolesencefollowed the natural progression into puberty. Looking back, it IS apparent that the computer has indeed played an important part in both educating kids and providing access to information (of all kinds) for kids at a younger and younger age. This is the reason I have been careful enough to monitor my boys computer, and stay tuned in to his internet activities. In addition, I know how advanced his computer skills are and what direction he applies them. At his age, I don't fret about his seeing anything on this site. More to worry about is making sure you live up to your resposibility as a parent and stay actively involved to 1. Keep them out of inappropriate computer sites, and 2. Stay involved with them so you know for sure their evolution into adults takes a natural course. Sincere apologies to everyone who hasn't fallen asleep, and managed to get this far...for my not being bright enough to say this in ten words or less. Best regards,

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I totally agree with the last post of Kenneth's, My son is 16 as well and we have never let him have INTERNET in his bedroom like some of his friends. My husband also once applied a capture programme to the computer just to see what he was accessing, it took snapshots of anything and everything he went into, fortunately most of hisInternet activities were harmless and we told him we had done this just to warn him that we did have the ability to do so but were taking the programme off for his privacy. we never lie to our kids. He spends most of his time chatting with friends from school on messenger. He has told me that he had viewed porn via a friends fathers magazine that had not been put away! This happened when they were ten so as hard as you try to protect them there will always a way.

Far as I know no boy or girl ever was mentally affected by seeing a naked woman. I know my son has come across porn online, but we are talking 16, mature, think of Vito, he is the same age and I would not call him a child. I worry more about violence than sexual content.

Perhaps kalypso posting the photo was a good thing, makes you reassess your own job as a parent.

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well just read the whole post and after a couple of coffee's later i have come to this conclusion, why is it when the forum's 2 top portrait photographers aka Kal and Frank always seem to get a lot of "flak" when they post nude pics, as in this case with kenny , and one case i remember with Frank, who got removed from the forum. These 2 guys go out of their way to give us all advice, tips, lighting help etc and then just some people start rubbishing them... all i can say is thank you very much for your help in my photography guys and get em coming cause i admire your work as in everyone else's work..... and a word for kenny... nudity is everywhere.... get used to it....

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ghubbers wrote:
By my own personal definitions...
(can't define 'em, but I know 'em when I see 'em!)

Porn?********** *Mild at most, but I would only rate it PG.
Art?************* *Nope.* Lacks that certain flair.* (#2 has it though!)
Erotic?********* *Hmmm.* A little, but not nearly as much as #2.
Obscene?**** *Not even close.
Rude?*********** Not a bit.
Stimulating?* Certainly she is!
Just a*photo of an attractive woman who happens to be nude.
Agree 100% with your sensibilities. Would add...

Would I want my 7 year old son to see it? No, but it's not the end of the world if he did. A nude simply isn't that big a deal - at all.

This debate is old, but I think the best description of pornography is "... I'm not sure what it is, but I know it when I see it." Not sure if all would agree but even though the model is nude here, I found Kalypso's photo of Jess sitting outside with her legs crossed more "stimulating" or provocative (personally). Point being - in that shot:

1. Jess was fully clothed
2. No one would object to their kids seeing it...

The coolest thing about this shot - to me, is that it was shot with the Oly C-2100! (Great camera, I figured he would have shot with a DSLR. Nikon D70, perhaps?) I really hate to be judgemental of people but anyone who might be offended by something like this - or even be overly concerned that a child might see it, well... I'll be kind and say they have rather extreme sensibilities.

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Old Jan 16, 2005, 7:29 PM   #68
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To put this in perspective, I had my sixth grade class in the computer lab researching viruses and a boy typed in "rabies" in some search engine. He called me over to ask me if he could use a certain picture for his poster, and right below the picture was a cartoon of a naked woman kneelingin front of a naked man, with a child walking in asking if the"foam" in her mouth meantmommy had rabies. It is just crazy. He wasn't even looking for anything but school work and that is what he found. And I had been worried about what they might find when looking up STDs...I never thought rabies would be an issue. As a teacher, you do your best to monitor but even unsuspecting kids happen upon adult content.

As far as this forum goes, as long as people continue to post "nude" or "nudity", we all know what we are getting when we open something up. If we as parents are not checking in on what our kids are finding or talking to them about things that show up on their screens, then we are to blame.

My kids are 6 and 8, both boys, and they get to view whatever I decide is appropriate toshow them. Even if they were 10 and 12, there would be heavy monitoring and we would be in the room with them with the screen open to the room. No secrets in this household. Darrell posed the question of whether or not this is a site viewed by children, but if we want our children to see great pix, it is our responsibility to do some pre-screening and not let them just wander the internet aimlessly. He is right that we could argue forever about what is porn, and I think we just need to let that die because no one is going to "win" that arguement.

There are enough places on the internet to see naked women. As long as what people are posting is artistic and the focus is on the how part of the photographic experience, then great. Keep it labeled and then parents can do their job of monitoring what their kids are seeing.

:-) Just one mom's opinion
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berto wrote:

kenny leong... your just being (pardon my french) a smartarse. you've made your pointand you need to let it go.

You're excused. So now excuse my english...you're being a moron. I presented my opinion...you and others presented yours. It's not up to you to tell somebody to let something go or not dude. As you can see, I said what I had to say...you and the others had what they had to say. So since when did we ask you to bud out?
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C'mon guys.... enough of the name calling.

Debate points aremore powerful when personal attacks are kept out of them. If you disagree with someone, don't attack them personally. Debate the position or idea instead.

Sure, it's a "touchy" issue, but let's be civilized with our discussion, and not let this thread disintegrate into a flame war.

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