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oh my god the nude thread is till going on. ok here is what I feel:

I'v been here around steves forums for about a couple of months now. I came herewhen I was searching info on my new istDS camera. I stayed because I like the critiques forum whereone can improve his photography skills by communicating with others especially theexperienced photographers.

So I like the forums. I even introduced my 12 year old daughter to the forums, just show her how others commenting on my picturesand how beautiful the photospostedby othersare.

Now I don't feel very confortable when there are nude pics here. I agree nude pictures are pictures and they are art too. I have no problem at all. But I don't think they are appropriate for kids, Simplly because they can not digest like aults do. I guess that's why the movies are rated differently, some are not recommended for kids (I am in Australia, not sure about USA).

OK, you may say, just stop your kids from viewing this forum any more. Sure, simple enough. But I still feel I made a wrong decision introducing my daughter to the forum.

So what is missing? I think it would be appropriate to mark the forum with words like "may contain nude pictures, not suitable for 16 year or under". If I had seen such a sign, I would certainly not recommend the forum to my kids.

Or create another forum for nude pics only....

That's what I feel. Sorry there is no photo to show in this post. I thought the other thread was too long to follow.

Thanks for reading.

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Awww your nothing but a tease.LOL :lol::lol::|

I think that if parents want to make sure their kids dont see this stuff then they should be better parents and watch what they look at on the internet,and to use all the tools we have to block certain sites.If your kids is free to roam the internet they will find stuff they shouldnt.And there is nothing wrong with nudes,as we are all nude under our clothes and even kids know this.
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This horse has been beaten long enough....
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