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Imacer wrote:
Nice photos, nice looking young lady, very nice eyes she has. The water looks cold.

Speaking about cold water, you should water her more next time.

It makes a lot to reinforce the look of a fresh skin :?and it makes naturally the feminine attributes go up and hard... which is always nice in reality or in a picture :?

Don't ask for too much though as she must enjoy the sessions (of photo) as you.

You can tell her she looks like a nice person both in looks but most importantly in her inner person (soul and heart).

I am sure you will make her more self-confident with these photo sessions and if you tell her she looks nice.

My wife is a little like her: a little plump, butfirm in a fresh skin. I just like women with a little bit of forms.

One tip though (which you have very well applied):

When taking full pictures (not portrait), pay special attention to these 2 elements: Shoulders/bicepsand calves.

Whether cut them completely or include them in full.

If you only see half of a calf orshoulder and higher part of the biceps ona plump woman, itcan look not advantageous.

On the other hand, if well proportionate,the same calf will look plump but attractive on a nice leg (in full). Same thing with shoulder. If you take the full length of the shoulder, arm and the fingers, it will look nice.

Same thing for clothers. Whether a dress or trousers that show the full calf or nothing at all but suggest only.
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wagaboo wrote:
Can I ask how one does the first shot in PS...and good shooting with a pretty young lady :-)

You can also tell her shes a BEAUTIFUL girl !!!!
The first shots was done using these steps:

1: Go into Quickmask mode, and outline the person or whatever you wish to select, use the paint bucket tool to fill in the subject.

2: Go to Filter: Gaussian Blur, and apply a blur of about 10

3: Switch back to normal mode, using the selection option or lasso tool, RIGHT click and select "select inverse" and edit the part you outlined. If you wish to edit the surrounding area (the part you didn't fill in, in quickmask mode) again, choose select inverse, and the surrounding area will be selected.

Thank you all for the other comments, and Diane has read these posts, and wishes to thank you all for your kind words.

The selective color one, was done very quickly as a proof, the finished one when printed will be more accurate, i noticed the stray hairs too.

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Thanks for sharing that idea Tswen and I showed my wife the pictures you took of this beautiful young lady and she commented on how pretty she is as well
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Nice shots. Shooting in the water is nice but personally I would avoid showing clothes that are visibly between wet and dry in normal portraits.

#8 is a great shot with a very nice angle.

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To me your young model looks beautiful in every shot, so it's not just a fluke caused by a particular pose. She should be full of self-confidence with looks like she has! You did a fine job of photographing her, too. I like all of these shots very much!
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I think the best shot is #6. The amount of light on face is good. Her smile is good. It is a nice shot for a portrait.

Equally as good is #4 but this shot could be better. I think that her outfit does not work well in this shot. She should be in more outdoors clothing, a nice hat, even a fishing vest and maybe more just a bit more d.o.f. In this shot I like the water, the scenery, the rocks, the colors, the ray of light on her face. I may be worth to give it a second try.
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i like #3 and #7,

funny, how we all have different fav's!
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