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Legs can look vastly different from one pose to the next. Anytime the buttocks are exposed and the leg is viewed from the outside, with a bent knee especially, and not supporting any weight with the muscles relaxed will add a heftier look. From the inside looking inside the knee with the legs apart, and straight, they will appear thinner. Also cropping with the knees together showing the hips from the front can add a heavier look. That's not even getting into lighting and shadows. I know the pose and posture make the legs look longer and thinner, but that's putting the right pose, clothing, and posture together IMO to get that look just so. Only my humble opinion of course, to answer your query about what the rest of us see. Franks the mastermind but these things I picked up from being able to do a lot of work with a model recently. I don't see the difference as being anything other than different pose and posture. Best regards,

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It's all in the poses indeed and the camera angle + used lens.
Shoot this with a wideangle and the story is different, shoot it with a tele and it's again different.
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