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Old Feb 7, 2006, 3:43 PM   #11
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Ofcourse it tells more about the piano than the person LOL.
When you read a bit about wibi you know that he is worldfamous pianoplayer who has played worldwide on the biggest stages of the world.
His DVD's and CD's go platinum within a few days of release (he is at the moment one of the largest selling classical artists worldwide).

He has a special bond with THIS particulair piano, often called beuzy.

And that's just why HE loved this shot because it shows him and his true love in life THAT perticulair piano, which at that moment travelled with him all arround the world. (at the moment he is playing another by the way).

I know milan is something different from Amsterdam, but I never claim to be a pro photographer, I always try to keep myself small and humble because that way no-one can ever claim I'm an airhead or pompeus twat

I also am never insulted by someones comment, the thing I don't like however is the way some people :idea:claim they know it all beter but never showing something to show for it, let's see some of your portret or model work.

It's ofcourse of no use to compare me to David Lachapelle, Newton or who ever is topnotch.

I'm a simple photographer from the Netherlands, who thanks to an (according to some ) unique look in his pictures is doing rather well. Elinchrom thinks so by investing in my setup in the studio, Wibi thinks so, and many others think so.

Frank only thinks one thing, I want to have fun fun fun and I will NEVER EVER do something I don't stand behind.

AGAIN, your PERSONAL taste don't mean a thing, I know people who love everything I make, I know people who absolutly hate everything I make, and I know people who like my style and like most of my work.
I never hope or claim that everyone loves my work, again I'm just me and I have no high praises for myself or my work, again I'm just a simple photographer.

But what DOES irritate me a bit (just a little bit) is your comment on luck and on missing substance in my shots.
As mentioned before you come from a TOTALLY different area of photography, I work in the glamour and music industry of the photography and as hobby I do a lot of sports and nature, that's a HUGE step sideways from what you are doing (although to be honest I don't even know what you are doing exactly but seeing your comments I guess you do more documentary style photography).

Everyone has their right of an opinion and everyone should ventilate that we don't live in a dictatorship. However when commenting on someones work also be sure you can live up to your comments.
So again, please show me some work in glamour photography you have done so I can see what you mean.
If you have NEVER done glamour photography or editorial or fashion please first dive into the business and look what others do and than comment again.

On the other hand, I'm actually rather flattered I'm being compared to top notch photographers, to be honest If I would have 50% of the experience and style that David Lachapelle has I would jump to the moon from joy
So maybe it's all just a big compliment, Yippie
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Old Feb 8, 2006, 11:24 AM   #12
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Great shoots, it is amazing how you can get that glamour from a 1st time model.

The only think I don't like, is her pupil to big, which don't let me see her blue beatuiful eyes.

Regarding Hooli, it is amazing how you can beanonymous at internet. I really espect to see just ONE picture from him, her, or whatever-
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Old Feb 8, 2006, 12:25 PM   #13
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Somehow I love th large puplis
But it can be easily done by shooting with a bit more light or a small spot aimed at the eyes.
However big pupils often mean intrest in the one you are looking to, and that is my viewer (so you).
For me it enhances the mood, but this is very very personal.
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Old Feb 8, 2006, 2:57 PM   #14
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Hi Frank,

I like number 3. The details are very sharp and clear. She is an impressive first time model...

Hooligan, it seems to me that you fancy yourself at giving criticism to others work - how about trying your skills in the Critiques and Techniques forum? Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

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Old Feb 9, 2006, 2:59 AM   #15
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hooli quoted?

"for all those interested in learning portrait lighting I would suggest you look at Karsh's work very carifully and study it ."

i actually was gulible enuff to click on those sites and if i was keen on porttraits etc..... the first question i asked myself was.... ok so where do i look?. what do i look for?. those sites hooli.... i'm very afraid to say gave me about as much useful information than i care to use. you talk a lot about theother's work on here etc. but we still seeno proof of what you can do etc.... i'm beginning to wonder just how much experience you have in the feild of photograghy. do you own a camera?..... and the most important question is...... do you know how to turn it on?

Well if you know the answers to those 2 questions then can we view your masterpiece's on here.. are don't we have the priveledge of seeing your work?. that arises to another question... are we just "amatuers" on here , Don't we come up to 'your" standards of photograghy?. If you were a true professional. you would be offering advice and tips instead of rubbishing franks work. .. a true professional wouldn't do that

As usual Frank your work is outstanding.. here's a idea though...... wonder how creative you can get with a few photo's of hooli's head sticking out of a toilet bowl or something..... :G
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Old Feb 9, 2006, 3:57 PM   #16
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dear hooligan,

i personally think, as been said before; you shouldntcompareapples and oranges. thethings you showed are just wonderfull. but just an entirely different genre.its like saying that, well i dont know, justin timberlake is a horrible artist, as he doesnt sound like pavarotti. thats just plain stupid.

and frank, as for the girl;

the pictures are lovely. especially for a first time, in such short a time. shes not to bad looking eather but, and this i say with no intention to insult anyone:

she just doenst have that 'zsa-zsa-zoom' thing going on. shes really lovely and any guy should be happy to have her, but shes just not a 'model', with that i dont mean; shes not a really thin and tall female. but for me a model should really MAKE a picture. i know there are all kinds of factors, but if you have the most talented photographer alive and he makes a picture, the thing that makes you look and look and look is, for me; the model. she just doesnt do it for me. as for as im concerned; she just isnt model material. im just trying to be honest.


photogeek. who loves your work
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Old Feb 9, 2006, 4:29 PM   #17
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frank your shots are exceptional as usual.

I actually like 3 the best i really like the lighting and the crop. it seems its just me that thinks this.

I think it has lots of mood and the lighting isfantastic. DAMN U. i want ur lighting setup and know-how.

keep em comingi think i am learning something from looking at ur shots

nice one


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Old Feb 10, 2006, 1:31 AM   #18
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She will be back in a makeupcourse endexam and maybe one more session to see what changes.
At this time it's a bit hard to tell for me she does miss somethings I look for in a model but she also has something in front of the camera we'll see.
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Old Feb 10, 2006, 11:55 AM   #19
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Nice shots Frank and I think they are pretty good considering a first time model. Can't wait to see what you can do after she gets some more time in front of the camera.


The best way to show that you know what you are talking about would be to post something of your own. Not some other photographer but you.Give it a try, if you need some help on how to post, let me know and I will be glad to help out.

Dave Porter
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Old Feb 10, 2006, 6:01 PM   #20
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frank, i think its very generous of you to give her another chance, and who know, maybe she will shine next time and prove me wrong. certanly hope so!

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