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I just bought my first Digital SLR. All of the options and camera techiques are entirely new to me. I bought the Joy of Digital Photography and decided to take it little bit by little bit. It's my new mantra.

What I wanted to ask is this, I have an obsession with taking pictures of the Ordinary. Objects and situations that people tend to overlook because they are commonplace. How do you maintain the rawness of the oridinary, andall of it's imperfections, and still produce something that looks extraoridinary. Without overkill. It seems like it is such a fine line to walk.

This is from one of my first trips out and I'm sure it is lacking in many ways because I'm new at this but I'd like tips from the old timmers if you would be so kind.


Hopefully, I've put this message in the right place.

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I applaud your commitment. Some help will come from others, but your effort and sense of what you intend to capture will be your most trusted guide. For this image, my reaction (not knowing the full scene) is that it needs to be cropped from the top to eliminate the distraction of the dark, horizontal crosspiece. I only approached this by scrolling the image up, not with a more complete attempt. This seems to let me appreciate the entire frame.
Thanks for posting.
Tom B (TMc)
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Thank you for the suggestion. I knew something was wrong but was uncertain how to fix it. The thought of cropping the picture never popped into my mind. An important lesson learned, don't just trash it right awaybecause it's flawed.

*tips her hat*
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