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I'm trying out new stuff. Your thoughts?

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I've been impressed with your model photography since you joined this forum, and this one is no exception. Obviously a well executed shot, however this is the first shot you've offered that for some reason didn't just STRIKE me right off. I've come back to it a few times to see if I could identify what it was. I think it's the color of the background light... I wonder if it is having a 'muting' affect onthe brown tones of your model's skin. I love the lighted smoke and wonder if a different color would work better. Maybe the smoke with a white light and black background would work better. I know this is a 'preference' thing, and I may be wrong with the color interaction, AND it may be my monitor, but it just seemed like the there was a graycast to the lower arms and abdomen of your model. Now I will 'dis'qualify my remark with the fact that I have NO studio photography experience/knowledge, and MAY be off-base with the skin-tone color interaction with the background. If so, let me know since I have yet to learn the do's and don'ts in background selection.

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very sexy:-)
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Old Apr 3, 2005, 12:36 PM   #4
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I'm debating if a longer focal length may have helped this or not.

Because his head is so much closer to the lens compared to the rest of his body, at the focal length used, it's out of proportion with the rest of his body.

So, even though you may have been using a typicalfocal length for a portrait lens (for example, around 85mm), the pose doesexaggerate perspective problems. You'll have to let us know if you went a bit wider than this deliberately or not.

While this does appear to lead you to his facial expression, I'm wondering if a slightly longer lens and further distance to subject, may have worked better so that you didn't have quite so much of this effect with the pose you chose.


This does seem to be impacted by my distance to the monitor, so it may be an optical illusion, given the impact of forum software and browser borders to the image appearance.

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Oops! I forgot I had posted this image here. LOL

DaveN: I'm sure a lighter background would have had less "blending" effect with the subject, but this was the effect I wanted for this shot. Typically, I like lots of contrast and dramatic lighting. My intent is to be more subtle here. I think he stands out well enough though. Thank you for your comments.

Aladyforty: I'm thrilled to get a thumbs up from you. ;-)

JimC: You have a good eye. Indeed, I was using an 85mm prime for this shot. I generally use a longer lens for this type shot, but thought I'd give the 85mm a go. I kind of like the effects here, but your comments and suggestions are right on. Thank you!

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RodneyBlair wrote:
Aladyforty: I'm thrilled to get a thumbs up from you. ;-)

I don't think it was you getting the thumbs up Rodney. I think it was the model .

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