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Kuala Lumpur (COO-AH-LE LOOM-POOR)

At the centre there is the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC or the Petronas Twin Towers), currently the second/third/fourth (they build them so damn fast these days) tallest building in the world.
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hey, fellow malaysian!

Congrats.. great looking shot.. so nice...wish i could have taken it too..

but a little too dark for me... reminds me of the movie, independence day - where the aliens are invading earth

and the clouds attracts my view.. from the centre...


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I agree with everything that trademarxz has said about this picture. It is now the second tallest building after the Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

Below is a quick edit in PSCS just to lighten it up a little.Copied the layer, Ctrl + J, changed the blend mode from Normal to Screen, press Ctrl + J again to create a third layer while still in screen mode, this increases the effect of screen mode. You can, if you wish, reduce the opacity of the top layer if it appears too bright and washed out. And that's it.


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hi mockingbird. i like this photo very much but i agree as well about it being dark and also noton the level.
i take a lot of scenic photos and sometimes when i open it on the computerm i find that its not leveled horizontally which means i have to cut some part of the edges to straighten it out. i did that with this photo and lost some of the edges.

i played with the levels to make it brighter and take a little of the red away. i hope you don't mind. this is what i came up with.

good try on this photo. i wish i had that kind of view. your lucky.

- by the way, did you shoot this photo with AGFA film? seems like the "red" is a AGFA characteristic.


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read my mind berto..lol

I started this at lunch today (about 11:30),first I got distracted*but thenI was called away and never finished it. But that is what I was doing roatating and making level, I also added small amount of pinch as it looks like there is a small amount of barrel distortion.

* my distraction was looking at other ways to deal with barrel distortion (or lens issues) and at home I have a couple of plugins but at work I didn't so I started looking at Panorama Tools then Lens Corrector by Richard Rosenman.
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