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I have totally enjoyed this forum. I have learned a great deal about composition and editing from some very knowledgable people..THANK YOU! I have been taking digital photos for 6 years and have learned more in the short time in this forum than all those years.

The thread about the yellow flower photo being entered in a local fair brought some questions to mind. Please excuse me if theseare really dumb questions.

With the introduction of digital and the fantastic editing software available is there any excuse for anything but the perfect photo?

Are photos being "created" post processingas opposed to "captured" at the time of shutter release?

Is one better than the other?

When a judge looks at a photo do they consider the amount of editing?

Thanks for reading and if you share your thoughts, thank you ahead of time.

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Almost all the editing I personally do is the same type of editing that could be done in a darkroom. Dodging, Burning, lighten, darken, smudge, etc. can all be done to film also.
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in my opinion, there are edits that are done that mimic what would be done in normal photofinishing with film, such as the stuff mentioned above. you, the artist/photographer now have more control over your work. then there is the other fun stuff that you can do that to me is beyond "regular" photography.....a lot of contests have seperate categories for these sorts of things. in my mind it is all art and the end result should be accepted on it's own merit no matter what road was travelled to get there.p.s. even in traditional darkroom people have done things to manipulate their images by cross processing, toning, bleaching, hand coloring and the list goes on.
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the simple fact is that no matter how good you are at photoshop you cannot make a poorly executed shot look good.. you can only enhance an otherwise good shot..

so the first step is to make a good composition and get the exposure/DOF/shutterspeeds etc all correct.. and then do some minor cropping and enhancing in photoshop..

photoshop is not an excuse for poor photography.. it is only a means to enhance and to overcome the shortcomings of digital.. aka- limited dynamic range, some softness due to the anti-aliasing filter, and limited saturation.. so basically i use photoshop to mimic the great look achieved by good slide film, such as Velvia..
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You cannot create a photograph in PS, but you can make or brake one you have taken or others have taken with their cameras. This is the same in the darkroom. Is is wrong or fairto have a EOS 1D as opposed to the camera my father used ? NoI don't think so.

PS just brings these techniques and a bit more into all our homes. There are exceptions but 95 percent of the time there has to be merit in the original photo.

Anyway in my opinionit makes no difference.

If you have a job to do, and the end result works, then that's all that matters period.

If you are crating images that you like, others like, that are interesting and make people smile andthink, really does it matter. ?????


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