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Independant of any photoshop skills, the most rewarding results are the ones that you are happy with right off the flash card. This means of course reworking the shot (in this case) and experimenting to obtain different shots for comparison. I find the colors in both shots are too washed out, the subject is not an exciting or remarkable type scene. I would try to experiment a bit with choosing a variety of setting combinations, use a tripod, see if the colors will appear more saturated with longer exposures, change your iso, see if that results in sharper contrast. This scene needs more of everything. More color, more contrast, sharper focus. As it is presented here, it appears very bland and less than exciting. Perhaps the best exercise would be to find a more striking scene, with better light, and then you wouldn't have to rely so heavily on perfect camera settings. Good luck, best regards,

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ZAKD wrote:
I'm sending two pictures almoust the samewith different parameters. The one much darker has a clouds that I need to be on picture but the town is too dark as on the other one the town is better but there is no clouds.
In future, if your camera has an 'exposure bracketing' facility, where it takes 3 or 5 shots in rapid succession with exposures differing by 0.3 stops upwards, use it for shots like this. Then use the best looking shot for your purposes.

If none of them are suitable, take the best sky from one and put it on the best-exposed foreground using simple cut&paste in your image editor. It will fit perfectly as the images were taken a fraction of a second apart.
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Thanks for all, people....

I will try to shoot once again the same picture taking into consideration what you said and then we will see on this forumwith results.

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Zak, here is a link to what can be done using photo editor. I shot in manual mode from a tripod, with WB fixed and only adjusted shutter speed. Slowest was 1/30s and fastest was 1/500s .


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