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Here's one of my first attempts at photography. I've had a DSLR for about a week now. I started out taking pictures of everything from doorknobs to our fireplace. The resolution was enough to inspire awe. I've started to take my time in setting up shots now and using fstops, etc. I'm using manual focus for the most part as well. I realize that it doesn't hurt to use some of the automatic features I paid for, but if I rely on automatic features, how will I ever learn? Right?

Anyhow, here's my first shot for critique. Haven't edited, just cropped. In trying to critique my own work, I think that I may should have used a lower fstop to blur the background a little more.

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Hi Hayden,

I think that you are right.... less depth of field needed.

What settings did you use?

I would say that the shot is a little 'dull', I'm sure Dusting (Hards80) will be able to give far better advice. Keep on shooting!!!
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On second thoughts, scrub that last bit..... realised my monitor was set a little funny!!! Sorry.
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there is just a lot going on here...

i find that shooting flowers that are in bunches like this are some of the hardest things to shoot.. its hard to get a good shot that doesnt look too busy.... as this one right now is way to busy for me...

i would get in much closer and fill the frame with the group of flowers.. maybe play with depth of field a little and experiment with angles on the shot.. i think if you try out enough combinations of dof and angles you will come up with a nice closeup shot..

wish i could give you something more, butits hard to give you something specific, as i would have to play with it a little myself before finding the composition that would work.. so go have fun experimenting!!


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