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There are a few minor details that trouble me somewhat about the composition.

1. The 50-50 split between sky & earth.

2. The tree to the right of the red tree is leaning out of the frame and is a bit distracting.

3. The lead in from the foreground is excellent, but it then curves to the left and there is another rock that takes the eye right out of the frame.

These are not major criticisms, it's a good shot, with or without the "artsy" effects, but not perhaps your best because IMO the 3 factors above combine to make it a bit lacking.
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Yep. What Crawford said.

A deeper blue for the sky (not glowing), almost frosty/snowy and somewhat in the lower left corner to have a trail through the pic.

The tree stands out too much, it's "alone" to say so. As for having not enough green - use a lasso or else and don't process the whole image and lets see what you can do.

I like the trail the red leaf paint coming from the tree.

In general I'd say it's a bit too much, I'd personally go for like 90..85% of saturation, but that's just me.

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Oh this is where it started. Let me say that I kind of don't like this photo. I can't really say why, which is why my critiques tend to be rather lame. Mostly what I say is "nice shot" because technically, I'm not that literate and I tend to just go by my gut reaction, which is usually composition based. That's me. Sorry. If you don't like it, you can beat me. Just kidding. If I don't like photo, I usually just say nothing because...well...I just don't. :O
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thank you all for commenting... though i think the comments were rather forced.. haha

like i said, i will be posting some non-heavily processed shots soon.. i was just amusing myself to get away from the ordinary for a bit.. thanks to all that commented both positively and negatively.. i will keep them all in mind and make good use of them later...

much appreciated..
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