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johnsonM86 Nov 11, 2005 12:29 AM

these 3 shots are from the same game and time and i dont feel like posting 3 seperate threads for them... so here goes...

-mike j-

johnsonM86 Nov 14, 2005 9:34 AM


thatsanicepicture2 Nov 14, 2005 9:53 AM

johnsonM86 wrote:



Hards80 Nov 14, 2005 11:07 AM

the first shot is pretty good... its a good conversion and you have your subject placed well.. the black and white helps.. .. the others i just don't feel anything for..


johnsonM86 Nov 14, 2005 11:46 AM

negative reply is better than no reply.

what did you mean by "Why?" ?

JohnG Nov 14, 2005 12:01 PM


But the subject matter in all the photos is pretty un-interesting. Numbers 1 & 3 are good focus and subject isolation, but uninteresting subjects. Number 2 especially just has too much in the frame - photographer, ref, players, ref etc.

VAtechtigger Nov 14, 2005 4:00 PM

I think if you labled it "Rumps of college football" it might work better :)

I like the first one, the second would do better if the photog wasnt there I think (clone and crop a bit)

The third is not so good with the crop under the guys cheeks. Whats the full shot look like?

Where in VA are you? You should try to make it out to my alma. Go Hokies! Then the photos would be great no matter what :-)

johnsonM86 Nov 14, 2005 4:37 PM

JohnG - the subject matter being boring is too subjective and I can't take your opinion as that of everyone viewing the photo. some people may be into looking at photos of ref's and photographers. thanks for you input though.


rjseeney Nov 14, 2005 6:05 PM

I think the biggest issues are lack of visible faces and no action.. To me, the most interesting part of sports photography are facial expressions, and there are none here. I think it is difficult to connect with the story being told without the facial expressions. Technically, I think they are well done. I just cannot connect with the subjects.

vIZnquest Nov 14, 2005 6:27 PM


One you stated you are blowing off the rules of this forum.

Two you bump your post to the top to get more views and possibly opinions that will be to your liking.

They are boring and uninteresting.

Where is the football game?

Understood there are other elements of the game but you just did not pull it off very well.

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