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Hi all

As the title reads i dont have a clue what to do with a camera. I was playing with the settings and snapping pics the other night and thought this one turned out decent but i'm not sure what it takes to make a good picture so you guys decide.:G Just keep in mind that i know next to nothing so any tips/tricks would be appreciated. I have been browsing the forums and playing to slowly figure it out. Anyway here it is.

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Hey, for being new to photography i think you've done a pretty good job with this photo here. i like the interesting lighting that you've used, whether accidental or on purpose. it adds a strange mistique to the statue, or whatever that thing is, lol. i think you've framed it fairly well although an offset side might add to the sort of mystery around it, for me at least. i'm no pro here but i think you've got a nice shot for a first timer! look forward to seeing more of your stuff on the boards!

-mike j-
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first off, welcome to the forum and welcome to photography.. i hope you will get the same enjoyment out of it that i have been!!

your shot is a good first try.. especially since you admit to having not idea what you are doing.. i think this one could use for a little bit of fill flash or some more light on the front.. the sidelighting looks nice, but its not balanced by any light in the front, therefore you lose alot of nice details in the armor..

if you are looking to learn photography.. buy yourself a good introduction to photography book, or take an intro to photography course at your local camera club or community college, that should help you to grasp the basics, which are essential to learn the terminology and the relationships between certain variables such as shutter-speed, aperture, controlling light, etc etc..

also, just hanging out in this forum, looking at a picture and then reading the comments, both good and bad, will give you some insights into pleasing compositions and lighting and such..

and of course, taking what you learn and heading out and taking some pictures.. first, critique them yourself, what you like and don't like, and pick a couple of what you think are the best.. post them on here, and get feedback from us.. soon enough, you will be on the track to learning this great hobby..

once again, welcome and enjoy..



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When i took this shot the only thing i had for lighting was 2 candles which were off to either side of the armor. I wanted it to be a bit dark but some of the metal on the armor to be highlighted. The one thing i don't like is the phenomenon of the lights behind the armor in the shape of a V. Only thing i can think to do about that is maybe a candle behind it but i don't want to risk damage to the armor because it is 31 years old and pretty much irreplaceable. As to what it is, I'm not really sure what it is called. It was given to me on a japanese holiday called boys day when i was born. I'll have to see again if my mom knows what it's called.:lol:

Thanks for the comments. I was expecting it to be much worse.
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