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i have tried to make themed galleries a couple of times in the past.
two of my efforts can be found at these links:



maybe i should aim for anther themed gallery, they are fun to do and usually generate more response from viewers, at least in my case. the rainy days gallery is my most commented on gallery i think.

thanks for the advice.

-mike j-
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i agree that your images seem to work better as part of a gallery.. i remember thinking that the last time i checked out your website.. i usually forget this when i am looking at one of your images in isolation..
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This shot seems to reside in the realm where photography meets graphic/commercial arts. Some will not like it for that reason. That said, I like it for the graphic style. I think it would be better if the utility pole was not blurred. The stonger would be better. (I think the word "stark" comes to mind :-)) What Ilike most, though, is the little bit of colour in the insulators connecting the lines to the pole.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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For me, Tom's hit the nail on the head. The first thing I see when I look at this image is that it should be in an advertising brochure, or 'high art' magazine. The image gives me an uncomfortable feeling, and one of isolation. It is, as others have said, very stark.

I'm in two minds about whether I 'like' it or not, but I do find it illicits an emotional response due to the fact that it is so bleak - slightly ironic:
didn't really have any emotion or feeling in mind when i edited it.
The reason I'm in two minds as to whether to 'like' it is that it is too processed for me to consider photography - it blurs the line between art and photography, and the appeal lies more in the effects added after the image was taken, than in the original image itself.

In sum, I find it an effective image because of the emotion that it portrays.

My two cents!


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