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Alright, I'll try to remember exactly what I did. I used Photoshop CS2.

1. The first step is to select the sky. I used a combination of the lasso tool and quick mask mode to get it accurate.
2. Next, hit ctrl+J to copy the layer. Only the sky will be copied onto a new layer.
3. On the new sky layer, I adjusted the brightness/contrast to bring out some of the details on the right side of the sky.
4. Next, I added a layer mask to the top layer. I used a gradient from black to white to fade the effect as I moved across the sky.
5. Now, I merged down (ctrl+E).
6. I made another new layer with the sky now.
7. This time, I adjusted the hue/saturation of the sky, making sure to check "Colorize." My goal was to color the right side of the sky the same color as the left side of the sky. This took a little bit of guess and check, but you could also take an eyedropper sample.
8. Now I added a layer mask to the sky layer. Again, I used a gradient to fade the effect of the hue/saturation as it approached the left side of the sky.
9. The clouds had a lot of artifacts in them, so I grabbed the blur tool and ran over the area a few times. Now I flattened the image.
10. The last thing I did was only necessary because of my sloppy selection in the beginning. The hand rail was really blue because I didn't select around it. I created a hue/saturation adjustment layer and turned saturation to 0. Using the built-in layer mask, I desaturated the hand.

That's all. It really didn't take very long, but it seems more complicated than it was.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the info Mike.

I'll give it a try on the original and see what I can do.

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hi I just used a mask and levels adjustment layer, quick and simple, as the Doc showed you ther are lots of ways. good luck show us your adjusted photo.


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