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Having seen art, art, art, art, and even m o r e art now for far more decades than I'd like to admit, I have come to the conclusion that because so much of it is highly accalaimed, that I have no appreciation for, and less understanding, once in a while I'd really like to know just what the project was about. It's temptingly easy to view something abstract for example, (especially after someone has spent taxpayers dollars on it) and just blaspheme it to shreds. Whats nice about the forum is that especially here, it is possible to contact the "artist" and not only deliver your opinion, b u t there is a bonus! You can actually inquire to the creator and gain some insight into the direction and feel of what they were aiming for. This is really good, because for me at least, I tend to copy a lot of technique I see here, so I'm glad to have the thinking behind the post, even if I can't "get it" sometimes. Problem is I often write to perfect strangers here as if I've known them all my life, using the same phrases I'd use with someone who knows me well. That's where the percieved abrasion springs from. I recently purchased a Nikon 4T and am trying my luck at close ups. I've nothing remarkable to show for my efforts so far except for proving it's a capable lense. I am currently working with a spider I've captured. I had him for several days now, and worked with him. The bugger won't cooperate. In an attempt to shoot something both close up and creative, I've set him on a large mirror, lying flat, and I'm attempting to macro his a_s_s and get his reflection in the bargain. So far I've gotten fairly good results but nothing I'd like to post, but keep looking for it here. Best regards,

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oBSidian wrote:
Hards80sBodyDouble! Nice to see someone taking over the reins Intrigued as to who this is! Thanks for making me laugh, also.



Just in case we forget what he looks like . . .
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That was his mild mannered version while he is not off saving the world. More exciting to involve our imaginations while missing our elusive friend


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