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Widowmaker wrote:
In my exprerience shooting females
I didn't know female season had started.... Deer season is comming.


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guys n gals.. i know the perspective is off.. i don't do studio much, but i know that much.. actually the exaggerated perspective is what i was going for here.. i am more bothered by the right toes not being pointed than their relative size..and i think its fairly obvious its a perspective issue and that her feet are not that big.. maybe the problem is that to someone not familiar with photography, it will not be obvious and they will think they are that big.. i have to keep that in mind i think..

anways, i am also bothered because she is off-kilter like she is about to fall over, i could try to fix it in post.. but i think it will be obvious i fixed it.. and as you say the head is tilted too far back.. it didnt bother me as much at first as i was more interested in other things, but now it really bothers me..

i was just trying to do something different here.. and since the space in this shot was VERY VERY limited, i thought i would try a few with the wide-angle.. i have seen it used effectively in the studio before and thought i would give it a try..

you win some, you lose some.. i have about 200 more of these, a few more wideangles that don't emphasize the feet and a lot shot in the "normal" focal lengths..

thanks for the comments everyone.. more to come when i have time..
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Not trying to be funny but those nails on her toes just stood out and basically not a fetish of mine.

It is different I will give it that and not terrible except for those toenails. Yikes.
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Hey Dustin,

Is that the chick from Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo? "THAT'S A HUGE B*#!%", you know the one with the big feet?:|:homey::blah:

2nd Session was HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Well done!
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I have to admit this thread is so funny, what is the thing about the lady's feet?:G
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