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I can see what you were going for here and its a good attempt - I just think maybe a polarizer would have benefitted this shot.
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Yeah, perhaps a polarizer to get rid of the glare. I'm still not sure matrix or pattern metering will work here though. The beauty of digital is that you can try it any number of ways and learn what works. I hope to see more of these and learn what works for you.
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I have to disagree with pretty much everyone. I don't consider white highlights to be overexposure, they're white highlights. It's the sun, it's very bright. The exposure appears to be rather good considering there's a pretty even balance of dark and bright areas. I'd turn the contrast down in the camera if that's possible. Underexposing a bit and then using curves to bring up the dark areas might have gotten nice results too.

As far as the grass is concerned, I don't mind having grass in the foreground as it pulls the viewer into the scene and makes you aware of the embankment. It's just that in this case, the grass is ugly. Leafier or softer looking grass would have made the image more interesting, but I don't know if that was really an option for you. In either case, I'd prefer either a narrower or wider depth of field, I don't like when the foreground or background is just slightly out of focus.
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Technical stuff: looking hard at the shot, it is not, in my opinion over exposed but the colours don't just seem right - may be a matter of preference. Might be due to post processing. But still getting the right exposure is key to getting an even better shot. Regards. Jaki.
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