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I was taking a few portrait photos of my daughter the other evening, and I like the way this one turned out - mostly. As you can see there is purple fringing. Maybe this isn't the proper forum for this, but how can I avoid this problem in the future? She was about 2.5 feet from the background (white sheet) and I used a slave flash for a background light...

This is a resize of the original - I'll be cropping itsome, but any advice/comments are welcome!

Kodak DX6490, 1/90th, f4.5


(full size original here)
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I can't really see much fringing even on the full size original.

That said, by an oddsearch route (seeing whether fringing affected cameras with larger sensors -- it does), I ran across the following on fringing:


The cause appears to be chromatic aberration exacerbated by the intense white background and strong contrast to your child and clothes. The article linked above points to a couple of free Photoshop filters that look very effective.

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Dave - Thanks for the link. I'll try applying the filter mentioned this evening.

I'm not sure of the proper term for the effect, but there seems to be some sort of a glow around the outline against the white background...That is what I'd like to try to avoid next time. It seems to appear purple-ish when printed - epsecially around the fingers.

Thanks, Mark
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Try a little more fill flash on the front, and a little less flash at the back.
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Old May 11, 2005, 12:50 AM   #5
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This looks like mostly a case of overexposed background creating too much contrast. Chromatic Aberration would give blue//purple fringe on one side of an object (fingers) and red fringe on the other. Overexposing causes some of the light from the bright part to 'spill over' to the darker part, and the software that reads out the sensor data interprets it as purple. JPEG comptession and in-camera sharpening can exacerbate the problem.

As Terry suggested, cut down the background flash. You should be able to see some detail in the sheet.

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