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This last one is really . The texture gives it a feeling of eeriness. Kind regards. Jaki
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Scot, I like both of these, and think that you've got the technique down nicely. Did you use a soft focus lens, or do that in PS?

I'm coming a bit late to the game here, but I think you hit the nail on the head when you asked:

E.S. Crawford wrote:
would you suggest a paler blue?
I think you could afford to go even less intense with the blue on these and still achieve the same 'wow factor' without the overpowering-ness (what a great non-word). Maybe try a greenier-blue, too?

But as LT said: just my $0.02 (or in my case £0.02)


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Very captivating feline images there. Myself I prefer the first image as I think the blue tints in the background really help bring out the intensity of the blue eyes. In the other images where you toned down the eyes the background tinting doesn't seem to be present so the eyes become even more shocking but seem somehow alien. In the first image it seems more comforting. As comforting as an intense predator can be. A question, is this a lensbaby picture? If not then how did you do the edge blurring.

Going by the exchange rate I guess this would have to be my $0.04.

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and here i come with no cents at all! :blah:

first, thank you everyone for the interest in this shot.

like syd in brittan, the northwest winter weather has had me scrambling for something

to shoot, anything as long as i get at least one keeper a day.

whisper, here, is one of the toughest of my animals to shoot and make her look halfway

decent. she is a serious p.i.t.a., and either she is fighting with my other cats, pestering

my dog, or sleeping. this was the first opertunity to get a good shot of her eyes (i

matched the eye color almost exactly the way the are naturally)

the lensebaby effect is a soft focus, available with picasa.

anyway, at least the weather has prompted me to use a lot of my artistic ability in my
shots, and some have actually paid off.

thanks again for the comments and support.

i will be attempting some similar stuff today, for it is pi$$ pouring today and i am

working at home.

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