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I applaud Vito for his efforts here even though I feel he failed. I've seen less interesting subjects make outstanding images and this can be true here too. I feel Vito can do the same with this one if he reviews this rendering and shoots it again. We should also consider that some of the detail that would normally be interesting simply lost it's impact because of the size of the image.

Vito has proven himself as a very talented photographer. He lacks his own refined style that will come as he becomes a more seasoned artist. The image he shares with us is nice to see because those of us who will be around for a while get to be a part of his development.

It is important that we let him know we are not moved by his attempt, though that doesn't mean his image is bad. It is more important that we respect him as an artist because he has proven himself and is very dedicated to photography and helping others on the forum.

Let's be critical, but also encourage him to try again. Even if this image were great, I'd offer a more critical review because nothing is perfect.

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Pierre wrote:
Pierre - You didn't give a reason as to why you didn't like the photo. Or maybe give some ideas as to what Vito could maybe do different.

Because anybody can do that kind of picture , even my old grandma with is automatic camera

First :the tree in the middle is even not focus

Second: the lightning is bad

Third: With all the critics and comments he made to everybody , he should do some real nice picture , oeuvre d art , he should be pro , but its not the case

Four: You cant do something don't ask other do to it

Five: thats all

six: Thanks


We've been through all this before, you have a fixation on vito's abilities as a photographer, none of us are perfect, anyone can criticize however it is better to do so while helping, not bashing a persons work. I don't know if you mean to be so blunt or not but to treat a newbie as you have and I quote

"stop using those border , thats ugly.

You seem to use it on each of your pictures"

at this thread


Does not help the photographer at all, it actually makes them give up. Vito is just a teenager who in my opinion is a good photographer. If you do not believe this check this site where those who run it gave him a prize for his photos, scroll down to the photo of the puppy and you can see his album. I feel he has some very good shots in it.

I hope Steve does not mind my posting this site but pierre needs to stop bagging vitos work


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Hey Vito... try this. I don't think the lighting is so much ofa problembut the clutter of the detail in the background is. What if you go in tighter. Simpler.

What would it look like then?
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have you thought of blurring the background a little more?
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Hey, Vito!

I like your trees!

Did you know...you can make a canoe out of the bark of a birch tree?

Did you know the barch of a birch trees is laden with oils and make an excellent material with which to start a camp fire?

Vito, don't forget this...

Beauty as captured in a photo is seen thru the eye of the beholder who holds the lens

I tried to attachtwo variations on your fine work but alas, there is a lack in the ability to attach a pic today .
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