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~Is this shot too "straight on"? I was thinking of maybe a different angle? I'm prettypleased with it though.:-D Shot in RAW. Let 'em fly.:blah:~


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It's good to see you posting here.

I'll throw in my two cents worth...

I personally prefer to see a bit more pop in photos of flowers, and like a slightlybrighter look, even if it's not totally natural (and even if I blow the highlights a bit). I guess that'sone of the things I find appealing in flowers (lots ofbright color, with more highlights visible).

But, from previous threads, I knowthat many membersseem to prefer a softer, more muted look. So, don't expect everyone to go along with I like. ;-)

This is more towards what I'd have in mind (but I can understand if others differ, as this kind of thing is very subjective). IOW, I suspect that most members are going to like itthe way it is. It's hard to have it both ways in the same photo of flowers (brighter, withoutsome highlights being a tad too hot).
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Old May 3, 2005, 3:43 PM   #3
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I like the straight on angle that you have here. It works well for this flower.

I like the mood of the lighting that you've captured here. I do not agree that this needs a lot of pop as Jim describes. It really doesn't have a lot of pop in it's natural environment. Some flowers you'll see from a great distance and others aren't seen until we get up close. You could bump up the highlights a tad, but exposure looks fine otherwise.

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I think the straight on flower works here because the flower and branch are on angles.Would like more pop but some flowers just dont have it.Like the whole pic,post some more.

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