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What colour should the borders be? Should it be contrasting to the overall colour tone of the picture? or should it blend in with the background colours?

I've tend to use a border colour contrasting to the immediate background that it touches. For example, since the photo below has dark edges, i chose a white border to clearly demarcate the frame of the picture. I notice that RodneyBlair tends to choose borders that is somewhat similar to the background colour of the photos. how do you guys choose border colour?

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it looks great just like that...

since the photo is black and white (or very slightly toned) the white works well...

of course...pure white is blaring against the pure black of steves' background...so not really a good place to judge :-\

on the wall thought, i'd go with a white mat and thin black frame..

of course, that's my preference...and don't want to force it on you

do your thing...what looks good to you is important...you're the artist!

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Old May 2, 2005, 1:35 AM   #3
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Grey with just a hint of purple puts the photo on display better to me.
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I'm partial to the original. It reminds me of the old days when all black and whites came back with that style of white border...best regards,

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Old May 2, 2005, 4:39 AM   #5
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Quite often I hear that such and such border will work best because the image is displayed on this or that background color. If you have selected the best choice, it will be effective placed on any background.

Borders initially served one purpose so we are familiar with white borders because we often have borders on images that will be framed. When framed, the frame covers the border and it is never seen. Small white borders are fine to provide separation from the background on the web, but I'd avoid using white or black if you are using it for separation.

If your border is part of the presentation, then you'll what to select a border color and size that effectively works with the center of interest to draw the viewer in like a tunnel.

You have two choices. You can go with the $9.99 prints look and use white for all of your images or you can effectively present each of your images like you might see in a gallery or fine home. For web presentation, I'd not get too fancy.

The white works fine with what you have here. If the purpose of the border is for a title or description at the bottom, I'd consider a smaller border on all sides except the bottom.

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Old May 2, 2005, 4:48 AM   #6
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Thanx for the comments! I've never really put much thought into borders, but after looking at lots of photos, i notice that the right border gives the photo that extra edge. I think i'll try smaller border on all sides except the bottom one and see how it pans out. Always learning..

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I get my photos card framed (for local competitions)by someone who has been in the business for years. His opinion is that you should frame the photo in a color similar to what the main background color of the photo is, to enhance, not to distract. With black and white, Ive always thought that a black frame looked best, however he framed my photos in a Grey or whitewhich looked better as the black framemade the photo looked washed out. I don't know if this Idea would apply to photos online.
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