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Not really, a photo taken at a Tae Kwon Do grading, this is my brother breaking wood with a flying front kick.

The light in the hall was so bad, i only managed 1/50 with my Sigma 70-200 2.8 at 1600, AV mode w/ Canon 300d.

Be as brutal as you like (i know there is plenty of movement blur).

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I think the worse part of it id the head in the front.

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style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Charlie
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I'm not really sure what you're looking for:sad:. I don't know that there was anything you could have done with the equipment you mention. Obviously a speedlight would have helped freeze the motion (assuming you were in range). The composition is hurt by the head in the foreground. All in all, this to me is just a snapshot, and doesn't really lend itself to critique.
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Actually, it looks like a sidekick - not a frontkick :-)

Ok, but more to the point. I have to agree that this is a poor candidate for critique. You might ask for some suggestions from the lense/ SLR or sports forum on what you can do to improve the outcome in this difficult situation.

1. If nothing else - the head ruins the shot and I'm not sure how you could correct that in post processing.

2. Colors are washed out. At first I wasn't sure if that was intentional to just have your brother and his belt in color or not - if so the affect doesn't work for me.

3. The motion blur you already picked up on. BUT that doesn't have to work against the shot - it can be great for a relatively stable break (like a standing kick or punch break) where capturing the motion of the arm/leg can be good. But 1/50 is probably still too slow for this affect to work - maybe around 1/125 (basically want blur in the hand or foot but not slow enough so you can see the rest of the body move). But in this image, the whole image is a little soft. Was this handheld? If so, tripod or monopod will help get rid of some of the shake.

Overall the softness, color and 'fat head' :-)in front of you tend to make the photo difficult to like. That being said, as a martial artist myself I like to see posts of my sport - so keep them coming!!
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You have a fast enough lens to take a cleaner sharper shot.

First off, the shot is with a big fault, that big head in the way.

Were you zoomed at full range of your lens?

Possibly shoot from other angles.

Was this shot handheld or did you use a monopod (I would tend to use one myself).

The timing of this shot is good though, just the shutter speed and where it was taken could have been better to make a better shot.

Try TV mode and go up to 1/250 and see if your lens can take the shot.
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Old Jun 15, 2005, 1:50 PM   #6
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nice timing of the capture.. you definately did well on that account..

but as others have said, the head, the softness, and the composition ruin this one..

next time see if you can get a more front row seat, use a monopod and try a faster shutter speed... if its allowed, a speedlight would allow you to retain some motion blur and still have a sharp pic..

best regards and thanks for sharing, dustin
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I have to agree with the other critiques regarding the shot. I would suggest that you could get a very good picture if you set something up beforehand. It might take several attempts, but using rear-sync flash, you could get the motion blur of the jump and extension, the freeze the actual kick. Something to try, maybe.

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