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schmintan Feb 16, 2013 5:16 PM

Bullock Harbour, Dublin at dusk
Image was taken at Bullock Harbour, Dublin at dusk. I think the rock formation is part of the old harbour wall, long since replaced.
There are a few things i am not happy with, such as the tide not being high, and I didnt use graduated filters so the sky isnt as balanced as it could be.

Revisiting this in the very near future so any other critique appreciated.

UPDATE: Updated image with a new crop, based on Ozzie_Travelers recommendations. looks much better.

Ozzie_Traveller Feb 17, 2013 3:15 PM

G'day mate

I find it a most attractive image - with lots of potential
The 2 items that negatively grab me are
1- the thing sticking up into the sky and
2- i find there's a touch too much sky + immediate foreground

Therefore a small amount of cropping [funnily enough back to a 3:2 shape] to my eye then becomes interesting to view

I well realise that the extreme foreground rocks are close to the lens & therefore display as 'large', but to my eye, their very largeness over-dominates and takes away my pleasure of the skyline and the beautiful swirl of the waters

Hope this cc helps
Regards, Phil

schmintan Feb 18, 2013 12:36 PM

Thanks Phil, exactly what i was looking for.

Your 100% correct on the crop. i spent ages playing with different crops, and i just stared at it too long and picked the wrong one. I have re-cropped it as suggested on flickr.

Regarding the metal pole, I can see why it might be a little detracting from the image, but one look at it and someone who knows the place knows thats Bullock Harbour, so I would be loathed to remove it for that reason alone.

Appreciate the feedback.

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