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Default The Calm Before

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I posted here.

This is an odd picture I took with our waterproof point and shoot. We were at the beach, so I was using the durable camera, but I still have loads of fun shooting with it.

The Calm Before -- [Week 35] by tacticdesigns, on Flickr

I was shooting against the sun (just off to the right) so I knew balanced exposure or flash wouldn't work, so I decided to try a silhouette. But was also playing around with looking at the picture as more 2 dimensional rather than trying to depict 3d. And the texture of the water.

Link to the post on Flickr here . . .


Another image from the day where I played around with the same ideas along with compression and tension is here on Flickr . . .


CC welcomed!

Take care,
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I really like it, very good composure and lighting.
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A superb shot... and I'd be nit-picking if I mentioned the slightly off straight horizon...
I love it when someone makes a great shot with a "humble" point and shoot- proving its the user that matters,not the camera.
The B+W is a super idea,given that colour would be non-existent in such a shot anyway- as was the idea for a silhouette- again making the best use of the conditions.
I love it...
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lovely shot and as mentioned already, proves its the creative mind holding the camera that makes the shot, not expensive lenses and dslrs, a lesson i try to impose on anyone who comes to me and says, "im thinking of getting into photography, im looking at this Canon 7D. its got great megapixels i hear and takes great photos"!

Shot is good as is. great monochrome, but can almost feel a little of the heat of the sun. nitpicking but the title does not do it for me. horizon seems to be a little lower towards the right also, but it could be an optical illusion.
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Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the comments.

Simon40 -- As soon as I read about the horizon, I saw it. LOL. But I'm ok with it. Not sure whether its because the shot, to me at least, captures the moment I saw or whether its because I'm just too darn lazy to fix it. LOL. And yes, the original had very little colour in it to start with, but I already had it in my mind I was going to convert this to B&W before I shot it, so I wasn't concerned about colour.

Simon40 & Schmintan -- I like what you said about the point-and-shoot cameras. I actually have loads of fun shooting with my point-and-shoot cameras. There have been a couple of people that know I have lots of cameras ask me why I take the time to shoot with a point-and-shoot if I have a bunch of dSLR cameras. I tell them, I have just as much fun shooting with my point-and-shoots as I do my dSLRs. And a few that have mentioned that they are waiting to learn about photography because they haven't bought a dSLR yet. I promptly tell them, learn with the camera you have, you'd be surprised at what you can do with a point-and-shoot. And when you get that dSLR you can hit the ground running. <grin>

Thanks again!
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