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My wife got me a camera phone a few weeks ago. I have never been a fan of these things, I want a phone to ring, and not be a mobile media centre, still, the gift was got, so I had to use it.

So today Idecided to put aside the digital slr and try to take a photograph with a camera phone that was actually worth looking at.

As anyone who has one of these devices no doubt knows, the sensors in these things are awful, and although they do produce an image 99.9% of the time their awful too.

So I decided to challenge myself and take an image worth keeping with my new camera phone.

The result can be seen below, but the burning question is .....

Did I succeed?

And now for the technical stuff: Image taken with a Motorola V635 at 1.2 megapixels
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I'm the kind of person who is, for better or for worse, a bit of a camera snob and looks down on these cameraphones. However, I must admit that that is not a bad picture. Rather cool actually (and relatively noise-free... so these cameraphones ARE improving more than I thought).

Did you use an effect on this shot (either post-processing or "in-phone")? If so I wonder how that shot would have looked in its natural colours... since the first thing that catches my attention is the fact that it looks like the colours were inverted rather than the actual content.
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Thanks for the review.

There is a slight delay in taking the shot to elimate camera shake, and it offers 4 exposure modes and several image effects, like the Negative image effect shown in my shot above.

The image shown is straight from the phone no post-processing, and I have to admit, I never thought it would come out as good as it has.

As for the camera on the phone, its good for effects like this, but as for point and shot its useless, all the colours and light bleed into each other and you end up with a blob that was once your subject.

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