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Well, quiapz, absolutely nothing underestimating here. IMHO,I'd rather feel promoted if I had half the skill and photographic knowledge of professional newsreel photographer than bungling with a great opportunity which comes to my feet.
Since it depends on the media one is used to seeing these works on, I shall have to leave further consideration to you.
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I think the 2nd and 3rd are very powerful images. Fairy saddening the look on the little girls face holding her hand out. Anyway, like you say, I hope they were just there for some fun.

I think the 2nd is as good as anything out there. Photo documentary wise.

Just crop the bottom off (ie the toes)- will save you any trouble.

The B-W conversion is perfect - well done.

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Yeah they were there for fun. They were taking a dip in the water and I think it's a regular activity of theirs to hang on during the ferry rides. However, they are very poor, as shown by their getting alms in the 2nd pic, which is sad. Anyway, I'm glad you think these are powerful, documentary-type images.That was what I was going for.

I did the cropping job already for the 2nd pic, which I think is the best of the lot - along with minor adjustments.
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OMG! I think i overlooked this picture... the face of the second girl from the left is very very sad... and that hands!... but of course i totally agree with LT and it makes a great picture... BTW: good crop and congrats for this shot, a keeper without any doubts.
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Old Apr 17, 2006, 10:05 AM   #15
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Speaking of overlooking things, I also realized something I overlooked about this picture yesterday.

See that area where the hands meet? See the look of the kid around that area... it just gets to me I didn't notice it at all the first few times...
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