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G'day all

I had posted a couple of pics down in the closeup section. They were a couple of my first ones taken with my new D50. This is just one I took last night when I was out with the missus.

I do realise that the pic might not be 100% in focus or even have a slighty jittery effect but that is due to no tripod yet for my new toy and I don't have the most stable of hands at all time. But alas give me your opinions as I am new to photography. So new as in I got the camera only a few days ago.

The shot was taken on on M setting on my D50. Don't ask me terms but those with the camera will know. So I set the apeture myself and what I think is the Fstop. Either way it was 60 and 6.3 if I remember correctly. Still need a way of catelogueing all my settings.

Thanks Ollie

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The information you seek is stored along with the photograph. The viewing software that came with your camera should liberate that information. Unfortunately, I am not a Nikon person Re: the shot. The subject you have chosen does spark some interest. The lights are interesting and they do form a nice line into the frame. Unfortunately, the shot seems to be noisy... I am guessing the ISO emulation was set pretty high. Personally, I would crop the top 15% and the bottom until the line of the building is just entering the frame. The foreground is very bland and adds nothing to the dynamics of the picture. I look forward to your next post.
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hi ollie yea i would agree with red, but its not a bad shot for hand held.

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G'day guys,

thanks for the comments. And yes I hadn't even taken much notice of the digital display that shows all the info. On that note do you guys write down all that infro as you take the shot or do you just remember it after a while??

I had a look at the camera settings and I had had the ISO upto 800 when I took the shot. I also have to admit I didn't understand this concept of noise other than it was sort of like getting white noise with regards to sound and recording. I assumed it was the same thing in a way only photographically speaking. I did a quick test with several pics to see if I could see a difference between iso's.

In the pic I took there was a lava lamp to one side emitting a yellow tinge. As I took the ISO rating down from 1600>200 that yellow started to disapear with each shot. Now if that is what is meant by noise I fully understand now. If not, then umm...small explanation would be great.

Here is another pic taken. I cropped it a bit but I would prefer not too because I like to get feed back on what would be best areas for cropping. Oh and the quality might be affected due to resizing and what not.


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